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Bruce Springsteen – Secret Garden

Posted by scooterboyz pada Maret 6, 2007

Bruce Springsteen – Secret Garden

She’ll let you in her house
If you come knockin’ late at night
She’ll let you in her mouth
If the words you say are right
If you pay the price
She’ll let you deep inside
But there’s a secret garden she hides

She’ll let you in her car
To go drivin’ round
She’ll let you into the parts of herself
That’ll bring you down
She’ll let you in her heart
If you got a hammer and a vise
But into her secret garden, don’t think twice

You’ve gone a million miles
How far’d you get
To that place where you can’t remember
And you can’t forget

She’ll lead you down a path
There’ll be tenderness in the air
She’ll let you come just far enough
So you know she’s really there
She’ll look at you and smile
And her eyes will say
She’s got a secret garden
Where everything you want
Where everything you need
Will always stay
A million miles away


Ga percaya??Sile liat film “Jerry MaGuire”,lagu ini sontrek utama dari film itu..Kalian bakal bias lebih memahami..

Satu Tanggapan to “Bruce Springsteen – Secret Garden”

  1. monyet said

    The Datsuns-Javanese Heroes

    strong and heroic
    Who is him? Wiro Sableng!
    Advocate of truth, exterminator of badness
    That’S him! Wiro Sableng!
    Its Attitude joke, its bizzare mannerism
    Like one who less memory and is insane
    He/She [is] selengean but peaceful love
    Wiro Sableng taken a fancy to many people
    Wiro Sableng, elementary [of] sableng

    Its teacher [of] gendeng, its pupil [of] SABLENG
    I do step to fringe world
    Searching life meaning
    Although barricade hinder
    I remain to be tough facing [him/ it]
    Curtain Sibakkan blanketing x’self
    Reach for one integrity
    Upholding justice entire/all insani jagad
    Victory light one conscience
    Wiro, Wiro Sableng
    Sinto, Sinto Gendeng
    Its Pupil [of] sableng?
    Its teacher [of] gendeng
    Wiro Sasono, that [is] name of its genuiness
    Born from Holy so called mother
    With so called father [of] Raden Ranawolang

    And enlarged by a teacher
    So Called [of] Sinto Weni
    Alias Grandparent of Sinto Gendeng
    Or Sinto, Mad Sinto
    Wiro Sableng inherit a miraculous weapon
    In the form of axe
    Double-Edged have
    Pate;Upstream [to] one
    Leading fragon
    Axe Fragon of Geni its 212 name
    Its weapon [of] him of Wiro Sableng

    Readily eradicate virulent people
    Number 212 owning meaning in life
    In human being x’self there are two element
    Remember world remember God
    All exist in in the world of this
    Consist of two shares
    different but represent couple
    Altogether cannot be dissociated

    Wiro, Wiro Sableng

    Sinto, Sinto Gendeng
    Wiro, pupil of sableng
    Sinto, learn gendeng
    Its pupil [of] sableng?
    Its teacher [of] gendeng

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