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Install Mail, Maps, Stock and Weather Apps in iPod Touch

Posted by scooterboyz pada Desember 28, 2007

For the follow up after jailbreaking the iPod, you can install mail, stocks, weather and maps application in your iPod Touch. You can install using packages from your installer.apps (that you got when jailbreak your iPod). To Install via installer.apps (MUST connect to Internet):

  1. Go to “Installer”
  2. Go to “Source” tab in Installer
  3. Add (Edit –> Add)
  4. Refresh the source and go to “Install” tab in installer
  5. Find “iPhone 1.1.2 Apps for iTouch”
  6. Install and  enjoy..

 You can Install it via SFTP too. It’s really easy, you only should download this stuff and copy it to your iPod via SFTP.


1. It’s for jailbroken only

2. You MUST install OpenSSH and BSD Community first, without that, you can’t connect via SFTP or SSH.

To install the mail and other apps, follow this step:

1. 1. Download this stuff

2. 2. Extract

3. 3. Connect to SFTP. I’m using WinSCP, you can use another application too like cuteFTP or something like that.

a. Open WinSCP

b. Fill your IP address to hostname (You can see the IP address in setting -> Wi-Fi, then click the blue arrow button on the right side of your Wi-Fi connection)



c. Fill Username and Password(If you haven’t change it yet, username : root password : alpine or alphine->just choose one password)

4. 4. Copy file to iPod via SFTP.

a. Copy “GMM.framework” (from the stuff folder) to “/System/Library/Frameworks/” (In you ipod)

b. Copy “MobileMailSettings.bundle” to “/System/Library/PreferenceBundles/”

c. Copy the other (,,, and to “/Application/”

5. 5. Restart your iPod and Enjoy..

In some Jailbroken iPod (Esp for some 1.1.2 users), Mail application will crash and quit after you receive your e-mail . I have no idea to fix it. If you don’t mind, wait until last update.. 😀

Happy jailbreaking!!


PS : This is the screenshot of installed mail apps





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JailBreak/Hack iPod Touch 1.1.2

Posted by scooterboyz pada Desember 26, 2007

Disclaimer : I’m not responsible with hardware harm or error after this process.

You must have :

  1. iPod Touch Software version 1.1.1(3A110a) and 1.1.2 (for iPhone,better use this 1.1.1(3A109a) version)
  2. TouchFree4 (For Jailbreaking 1.1.1)
  3. 1.1.2 JailBreak Utility (For Jailbreaking 1.1.2)
  4. 45 minutes amount of time
  5. A cup of coffee.. 😀

I have tried this method by iPod Touch and iTunes 7.4 and 7.5.

NOTE : .net 2.0 and Java MUST be installed in your computer. DO NOT FORGET to backup your iPod

Step by step :

1. 1. If your iPod Touch is running on software version 1.1.2, you MUST downgrade it onto 1.1.1

To downgrade for iTunes 7.4 (7.5 start from c) :

a. Turn off your iPod Touch in normal way (push the power and slide)

b. Turn on you iPod, when it’s appearing Apple Logo, hold the home button until the iPod running in recovery mode and in iTunes appear message “iTunes detects the iPod in recovery mode”

c. Hold Shift button(in Mac, option button) on your keyboard and click restore. A Browse windows will appear and select firmware software version 1.1.1 that you download earlier

d. Wait until the process complete and iPod run on version 1.1.1 (you can see in setting–>general–>about)

e. Close iTunes

2. 2. After that,you can jailbreak the 1.1.1 software.

To jailbreak 1.1.1 software (WARNING : Don’t try this step unless you will follow the whole progress) :

a. Copy file iTunesMobileDevice.dll from “C:\Program Files\Common Files\Apple\Mobile Device Support\bin” to the same folder with TouchFree4.exe (if it’s still in,you must unzip it)

b. From you safari on iPod Touch, open The safari will crash and close automatically.

c. Run TouchFree4.exe and follow the instruction on console screen (you will be asked to reboot it manually for about 3 times)

d. After done those step, it means your iPod have been jailbreaked.

3. 3. You can see “installer” icon on your home screen. You can install application from those application. NOTE : If you wanna update it to 1.1.2 just install “OktoPrep”,don’t install the others, because it will be removed automatically when you update

4. 4. To update to 1.1.2 :

a. Install “OktoPrep” from in your iPod

b. Connect your iPod to PC or Mac

c. Update the Software like usual (just clicking the update button) or update from your download (hold shift (option) + click update, and choose the file location). The “installer” on iPod home screen will disappear, don’t worry! WARNING : Do not click restore, it will remove the OktoPrep

d. After the update process complete, turn off your iTunes (leave the iPod connected to PC)

e. Extract the 1.1.2 JailBreak Utility (in Mac, place it on /tmp/) and run windows.bat (for mac, run jailbreak.jar)

f. Just waiting for a while and follow the instruction in console window

g. After that, your iPod has been jailbreaked and the “installer” appear.

That’s all. Hope it will help you all. If you have a problem, don’t mind to share it with me.

Thanks to :

  1. Alief Nugraha for the very high speed internet access and the support (for the damn hi5 too 😀 )
  2. Amateur Radio Club (ARC) ITB

Update : iPod Touch yang udah dijailbreak(biar ga dianggep omdo). There’s a lot of application that you can install.

1 2

Versi 1.1.2 jailbreak

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