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Install Mail, Maps, Stock and Weather Apps in iPod Touch

Posted by scooterboyz pada Desember 28, 2007

For the follow up after jailbreaking the iPod, you can install mail, stocks, weather and maps application in your iPod Touch. You can install using packages from your installer.apps (that you got when jailbreak your iPod). To Install via installer.apps (MUST connect to Internet):

  1. Go to “Installer”
  2. Go to “Source” tab in Installer
  3. Add (Edit –> Add)
  4. Refresh the source and go to “Install” tab in installer
  5. Find “iPhone 1.1.2 Apps for iTouch”
  6. Install and  enjoy..

 You can Install it via SFTP too. It’s really easy, you only should download this stuff and copy it to your iPod via SFTP.


1. It’s for jailbroken only

2. You MUST install OpenSSH and BSD Community first, without that, you can’t connect via SFTP or SSH.

To install the mail and other apps, follow this step:

1. 1. Download this stuff

2. 2. Extract

3. 3. Connect to SFTP. I’m using WinSCP, you can use another application too like cuteFTP or something like that.

a. Open WinSCP

b. Fill your IP address to hostname (You can see the IP address in setting -> Wi-Fi, then click the blue arrow button on the right side of your Wi-Fi connection)



c. Fill Username and Password(If you haven’t change it yet, username : root password : alpine or alphine->just choose one password)

4. 4. Copy file to iPod via SFTP.

a. Copy “GMM.framework” (from the stuff folder) to “/System/Library/Frameworks/” (In you ipod)

b. Copy “MobileMailSettings.bundle” to “/System/Library/PreferenceBundles/”

c. Copy the other (,,, and to “/Application/”

5. 5. Restart your iPod and Enjoy..

In some Jailbroken iPod (Esp for some 1.1.2 users), Mail application will crash and quit after you receive your e-mail . I have no idea to fix it. If you don’t mind, wait until last update.. 😀

Happy jailbreaking!!


PS : This is the screenshot of installed mail apps





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